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Inkzag Satisfaction Guaranteed

From the seamless upload options, the customization options through our online design studio, through to our fast turnaround and no minimum orders. Designing your own apparel has never been easier!

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We offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our customers no matter how small or large your order. A final approval is required before we print and guarantee your final product reflects your approval. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality service and products, timely delivery and accuracy. Our customer satisfaction is high priority and guarantees return customers, which is how we like to do business. Keeping you happy with great service.

For assistance with your orders, we have team members available to take your calls 7 days a week.

New Orders & Reorders

For new orders, as soon as you place your order, our designers check to make sure that your designs will output perfectly in terms of print and embroidery stitching. We will verify that your idea outputs on print at the optimum quality and check the size against industry standards to ensure it aligns on the garment perfectly.

If your artwork is to be printed on multiples pieces (5 or more) we will send you a mock up proof of what your art will look like on a particular garment for your final approval before we commence printing. We encourage you to review the proof and get back to us as soon as possible, so we can focus on printing your custom designed apparel.

Please note, we don’t provide this option for fewer than 3 pieces unless we require clarification or approval on more complex / intricate designs. If you’re reordering an order placed before, we won’t send an approval and go with the previously approved artwork. If you’d like to approve the artwork, get in touch with our team.

We then get your approval on the artworks and once signed off, commence with the next steps of production, where we aim to deliver ahead of schedule and guarantee that it’ll be ready by the stated delivery date. Be assured your order is always ready ahead of time or on schedule for your deadline!

Need to speak with a design expert about your artworks? Get in touch! A team member is here to help.


We keep you in the loop through the course of your order, to ensure you that we aim to meet your deadlines and print high quality apparel.

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