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Our online design studio makes designing and ordering a breeze

From the seamless upload options, the customization options through our online design studio, through to our fast turnaround and no minimum orders. Designing your own apparel has never been easier!

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Here’s how it works!

1. Once online, choose the garments / products you want your prints on

2. Customize it by adding your designs, logos, additional text and clip art (we have a large database of clip art from you to choose from)

3. Once complete, check out and we’ll take care of it from there!

Here are some tips to help you along the design process:

Less is More

Keeping your designs minimal by the number of ink colors you choose, ensures that your design once printed will pop! When creating your designs, keep in mind to let the important features stand out: Logo, business/team name, jersey names and numbers and the information you want to have noticed. Plus, if you’re on a budget, having less colors means paying less for the printing!

Pay Attention To The Ink Color Contrast

We all have our different tastes in apparel color, but do pay attention that the design you upload contrasts well with the color of garment you choose. Some ink colors may not appear as you like depending on the garment color you choose. Choose garment colors that contrast with your design, enabling them to stand out better. Should we run into any color issues, we will get in touch and let you know.

Play with shapes, designs and options

Get outside of your comfort zone and try something different. Our online design studio contains a diverse library of art, texts and colors from you to choose from. Take advantage and get creative. We also have pre-made templates to give your project a head start.

Play with Arc Text

Want to add some fun to a text online design? Try and have some fun with Arc text. It turns boring text into a typographic design all on its own. Try it out and see how you like it!

Create a Vintage look

Our online design studio offers various customizations, a hit being the distressed look to give your garments a vintage, worn in cool look. Throwback with a distressed look.

Go Monochrome

Another fun thing is to change your full color design to a monochrome black and white. Using our online design studio upload your full color design and click on one color printing to print your work in one color. It’s a great choice for monograms, logos and minimal vibe apparel.

Create variety

Wanting to try out different ideas and designs before choosing the one you want to go with? No problem. Using our online design studio, you can play with sizes, fonts, colors, placement and save each design version with a different name and come back again to see which one you’re drawn to. Our online design studio is easy to use.

Problems uploading your design?

Our online design studio is designed to upload and show the following file formats:
• .JPG
• .PSD
• .EPS
• .AI
• .PNG
• .PDF
• .BMP
• .GIF
• .XLS
• .PPT
• .DOC

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